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Meta Much More - or, Recent Fandom Reading

When I posted some of my favorite meta for 2012 on the buffyverse top5 last month, I wrote that I hoped for more of the same high-caliber meta in 2013.  Wish, granted:

"Why the Buffyverse?" by lostboy_lj Inspired by shapinglight 's "fanfic musings" (inspired in turn by brutti_ma_buoni .... and so it goes.  You get the idea.)   He takes on the  question why is anyone still writing Buffy fanfic at all?

"The Monomythology of Buffy"  also by  by lostboy_lj This is already on my best meta of 2013 list. Absolutely essential reading: Buffy's journey through the lens of Joseph Campbell's "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" - a Cliff Notes version but a hell of a lot smarter, and with pretty visual aids.  One of lostboy's talents is laying out complex ideas boiled down to their essential components, with a great deal of wit. I've been linking to this on convo threads all over the place as if it was Apocalypse Season.

Speaking of must-read meta: a conversation between lostboy_lj  and local_max on the Monomythology post inspired max's musings about Ben's literal and figurative role in S5  as a "illusory comfort" and representative of the medical establishment, how he tries to placate Buffy regarding her mother's illness, and how he "self-medicates" to keep the reality of Glory at bay: it’s consistent with a pattern of Ben: he uses deception to placate Buffy (and others) into believing that a real problem, whether it be Glory, the string of crazy people in her wake, or Joyce’s upcoming death (though Ben is not actually aware of the last one), is not a real problem.  Don’t sweat it, no need to prepare (though, it’s not as if preparation is possible): your problem is in good hands. As per usual with max, penetrating intelligence, personal honesty, compassion and intellect come together in a fascinating consideration of a "key" (pun intended) but oft-overlooked character.

And of a more general nature (not specific to this fandom), angearia  has a thing or two to say about "authorial intent" and the complexity of determining who the "author" is, especially in a work such as BtVS in which there are so many hands, so many voices involved in it's creation (writers, producers, actors); a question further complicated (and multiplied to the nth degree) by the presence/participation of the readers/viewers as co-creators of a give work.  She argues passionately that "the reader" is also an author - and no greater example of this can be found than btvs fandom as we engage with the series over time, emotionally and intellectually. Long live the Revolution, indeed.

FYI: I am procrastinating on my "Ted" meta for the Big Damn Lovefest, and everything else on my to-do list, like a mad thing. Pain from a recent injury is about to do me in.
Thanks, hon! I've got the ideas in my head, just need to put them down on paper - and not get too fancy about it.
Oh indeed, I would have assumed you had read those - they are completely up your alley. I'd put the Monomythology meta up their with your Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs Buffy, the Vampire Slayer meta on my list of favorite meta, if I made such things. (Not idle praise btw.)

Congrats on the awardage at the Willowy Goodness Awards btw!
Sorry for your injury! But I'm also very curious about the meta
Thanks, hon!

Btw - you're the perfect person to ask - what do you think about the new template? Is the text readable against the grey? The very plain one I had for two weeks was annoying me for some reason. This seems like a nice compromise between that one, and the woodcut one I had before, but I could be wrong on that count. Feedback, please?
I think it's lovely. The text is readable - most important thing - but it's also cute. I love the little blue decoration on top! I also like minimalistic stuff so my feedback is totally positive.
Thanks sweetie for being so specific! I think the teal & grey color scheme is fairly soothing to the eyes.The only thing I'm not crazy about is the cloud of links at the very bottom, which is redundant waste of space because of the Tags tab at the top. I do like those tabs very much because they keep the main page relatively clutter-free. And the friends one links directly to my friends feed page. Nifty.

I keep meaning to mention how much I like that icon (S7 FTW!) I can't remember the name of the episode but I love that scene between Dawn and Buffy; it's a reminder (when Buffy gets too closed off later on) of how much she truly cares.
My icon? The icon with Buffy in bed? It's at the beginning of "Beneath you" - and of course it's not really mine, the icon, I credited the author in the icon page. I really like this new look of your journal. It's simple but cute and I like the grey/blue combination a lot. Very soothing to the eyes.
Why do I keep forgetting what episode that scene is from? It's one of my favorite moments in S7. And I love that ep from start to finish (not just the final scene, which gets almost all the attention.) And I'm glad you like the new page look, I think I'll keep this one for a while; soothing is exactly what I was going for.
Thanks hon, I could use it on both counts! *hugs*

Which episode (if any) is your Buffy icon from? I'm thinking sometime S5.
Sorry to hear about your injury! Hope you feel better soon and good luck with the meta writing. ♥
Thanks, hon. This meta feels like one of my college essays, i.e. I'm procrastinating like mad to get it on paper. (And I'm nervous as shit because I'm worried that it will be "too personal" - so there will be warnings.) I think you'll appreciate it - people who aren't scared off by dark feelings will "get it" but I can slide into TMI (like right now?) very easily.

You're injured? What happened? I hope it's better soon, and looking forward to reading the meta.
I guess I re-injured an old injury in my lower spine - pinched nerve, disks out of place, etc (I should know the technical terms they're right on the MRI report.) this was mid-November; and I've had 4 weeks of physical therapy but the cold and storm knocked me back to teeth-gritting levels of pain. (And that's probably more than you wanted to know. So - accident. Pain. Housebound. Painkillers Ick.) I'm supposed to see a pain mgmt specialist next week; it's taken forever to get that appointment.