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Love For the Big Damn Love Fest


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A handful of March sign-up dates at the Big Damn Love Fest are still available; ETA: April 1st is a "free-for-all".

Big Damn Fest is a month-long multimedia celebration of all things Jossverse. All characters and pairings, gen, het and slash, are welcome. When you sign up, you claim a day when you want to post, and then an episode that you want to post about on that day. Your contribution can be can be fic, graphics, icons, vids, essays, or pretty much anything as long as it has been created specifically for this fest (so no rec-lists, or reposting old fanworks) and related to the claimed episode. As a result, we will (hopefully) have 31 days of Jossverse goodness.

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BtVS, AtS, Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr Horrible and Cabin in the Woods are all fair game. "The Avengers" is excluded but crossovers are not, as long as the Jossverse is included.  Some of my favorite writers are participants but most of them are entirely unknown to me which admittedly isn't saying much, given my newbie status in this fandom. (I can't wait to see what snowpuppies  does with "Who are You" - one of my favorite writers covering an episode I love beyond measure?  My squee knows no bounds.)

I snagged March 13th with "Ted", which is an odd choice on the face of it. I've only watched it once, and I'm normally all about the late seasons (5-7). But most of my "favorites" on BtVS had already been claimed; and, I have a rather stubborn fondness for episodes which are either overlooked or underloved in general fandom, of which "Ted" is one. (Others would include "Beer Bad" and "Him", which is my go-to episode when I need a bit of laughter to brighten my mood.)

But Emmie's  (angearia)  commentary and analysis   for the episode  at 2maggie2 's LJ, reminded me that "Ted" represented the very first time that the series spoke to me very directly and literally, apart from the metaphors. It was the point at which began the gradual shift from Willow to Buffy as my primary "avatar" in the series. And it's an episode that I think gets overlooked in part because of the MoTW factor, and because it falls in S2 just before the Angel(us) arc really heats up. This is assuming I don't chicken out on such a personal topic and go with "Him" instead.  So fair warning: expect lots of angst and bring your galoshes.

For the fest and for your contribution!
I don't have time to partecipate - maybe with something little? I don't know. The translation-process takes too much time! But I'm waiting to read/watch a lot of good things.
I rather thought translation and time would be issues. As i mentioned most of the people participating are very new to me (but it's also very DW oriented.)

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Ooooh, I look forward to your "Ted" analysis. I sympathize with Buffy so much in that episode.
I don't believe in "signs from the universe" but I woke up this morning half-convinced to switch to a "lighter" episode because Ted would be too personal and "dark", and then I read your reply. Perfect timing, thanks hon!