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A fannish birthday present to me from kerkevik

A couple of weeks ago kerkevik surprised me with an early gift - dedicating one of his short stories "Gazalah" to me.  I have no idea what I did to inspire the gift, but on reading it I had to wonder, how the heck does he KNOW me so well?  We'd exchanged a few comments and conversations, but what did we know of each other, beyond the fact that I'm a lesbian and he's an honorary lesbian?  (I deem it so, therefore he is.)

The story borrows a character from the comics (Satsu) but goes entirely AU otherwise, pairing her with a wife, Gazalah; it has a rich, "barbaric" gorgeousness to it, like a fragment of an epic poem found on an ancient scroll, punctuated with modern references here and there. He captures the essence of love and relationships of all kinds - especially between women - so wonderfully well.  This isn't "slash" (oh how I despise that term btw), this is life, fully realized.
Is it your birthday today? In any case, I read your gift and it's lovely! Such a nice ficlet!
Yes, it was (yesterday rather) and it is nice, I've been meaning to post a link to it for a couple of weeks. My pain kicked back up several notches in time for the snowstorm and it's just been a mental drain all 'round.

I've been reading more of his work and it has a cumulative, hypnotic effect, I think - not like anyone else's work.
You're welcome! (I was hoping you'd take it as the compliment it's intended to be.)

BTW - I was thinking of you today! I had some thoughts about tara and willow and Joan Armatrading's song "Willow" and wondering if Tara would sing that song to Willow. Then I imagined AB singing that song and got shivers up my spine, and it gave me all sorts of 'shippy W/T thoughts.