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Watch me toss a fandom thought salad....

Reader (general public) voting for the Absence of Light Awards is still open through March 15; the voting form is here.  So goest thou to vote! (Yes, that was my nod to "The Piano".  One of the best movies of the '90's, and I'll brook no argument on that subject.)

One of the best things about the nominee list is that I get to see, laid out in one place, the tonal range of what people consider "angst": from delicate, subtle melancholy or "watercolor angst" (can I trademark that phrase?), to "OMG just carve out my heart with a rusty spoon right NOW!" tragedy.


This, of course, is the part where I'm supposed to encourage you, gentle reader, to vote for me as Best Author and for "Untitled (post-The Gift)"  in Best Drabble.  So, um - vote for me and my work if you feel it's genuinely deserved? Whatever. Ok - there, done.  Because honestly? Getting nominated when there are so many fantastic writers in this fandom is the prize for me, the emotional equivalent to a big, warm, gooey cinnamon bun or fat slice of chocolate cake. Personally, I wouldn't put myself first in either category, and that isn't "false modesty". And yet in the past I have sternly scolded friends who made self-deprecating remarks about themselves as writers or their work; why say unkind things about yourself when others will be more than happy to do it for you? I can happily and freely extend to others what I cannot give to myself. Hypocritical, much?

BTW- I used to think that being overly-modest and downplaying one's accomplishments was a "female thing", that girls are just socialized that way. I know better than that now. 
OMG, but it's really hard to choose! You know, in the best drabble session there are many things I really loved reading. Why can't I give a multiple choice? >O<
But I'm going to find the solution to vote both you and other favourites. Because I saw that sometimes the same people get nominations for different things!
Thanks sweetie! (Have you read brutti_ma_buoni's story in the drabble category? that one is awesome stuff and it's just one of many.)

Because I saw that sometimes the same people get nominations for different things!

I mean, I could vote you for best author, for example, and vote someone's drabble. I'm trying to reward all the things I loved >O< It's difficult.
There is so much to love, isn't there? A couple of stories on that list I had forgotten about and got to rediscover all over again. One of the weird "perks" of ADD. ("Don't Waste Me in the Ground" is perhaps my favorite Faith and Buffy story. I feel weird mentioning anyone because then I'm missing something else I adore.)
Yesterday I managed to vote you! (I tried to read at least all the fanfics in the categories I voted, to be fair) and I managed to pick some of my favourites also. Pity I couldn't vote also for La Petit Mort by Snogged. It's such a powerful drabble; I recommend it.
You are a very fine writer and there's nothing wrong with promoting yourself.

Thank you for pimping!

Thank you, hon - but it still feels weird, if that makes sense? (Of course, a few months back - or a year ago - when I was far less depressed, etc etc I was more willing to toot my own horn, at least in RL. So it seems to be very much related to mood and how I feel about myself.)
Merci! But seriously, have you read all the entries in the "Drabble" category? Some awesome stuff there.