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If you're attending the DC march or any "sister march" anywhere in the world tomorrow -

Please stay safe!

Everyone be good to one another and I don't mean in a "pretend to be nice to each other's face while you're screaming inside" kind of way.  (IF someone is screaming in your face, however, do what you need to do to take care of yourself.)

I plan on attending the Sister march in Rhode Island as I can't go to D.C. (my fault for waiting too long to make up my mind. But Providence is cool.)

I haven't been able to write partly because of my part time seasonal job and partly because - I haven't known where to begin (rage, grief, etc.) And not just because of Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and George Michael. (At some point I'll talk about that stuff too.)

With all the news about Russia lately and it's ownership of LJ and it's ties to the incoming adminstration that I've blithely ignored until recently,* I've copied my LJ posts over to my Dreamwidth account. But I haven't mastered formatting over there (mostly, how to do cut tags properly. So I've got these long threads over there and it's still a mess.)

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I'm going to the sister march in Edinburgh.

Btw; dedicated one of the latest batch of fics to you personally (there's a clue to a certain character I've been promising you).

Excellent! (on both counts!) We'll be marching together across the ocean.

And I shall read the story when I get home from work tonight. Can't wait!

Please stay safe in Edinburgh - I'm very proud of you, do they have estimates for how many they expect to attend?
I know the number they had listed was 1,600, but hopefully there will be more than that there.

Another story in the series is already done, but there are one, or two, between the most recent posted and when that one needs to be posted.

How did your march go?

Getting ready to post more stories. Getting to know the new character really well; getting a better handle on this Better Baked Buffy as well. Been making notes on the remaining Joan Osborne songs I need to write fics for as well.

Feeling inspired to do, and making incremental improvements in dealing with my obsessive asperger-y issues as well.

Most of all, I hope there will be no violence involved in these events. But I also hope it will be a formative experience, when you'll probably meet other awesome people!
The rally today reminded me of the marches and rallies for gay rights that I took part in back in the 1990's when I was in college. As my sweetie said today on her FB page, "At my age I never thought I'd have to put on my marching boots but I did!"

Sad to say I have been very complacent and inactive politically the last ten years (esp in contrast to my 20's); I'm realizing too late that it's time to use my voice, body and mind in the fight.

I'll be posting photos soon - there were said to be 5000 people in Providence, and very peaceful and well-organized. I haven't heard of violence at any of the marches today worldwide. (I believe there was a march in Rome today?)

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Your sweetie is right, it's unbelievable! And yet.

I just hope your politicians will deliver, you know? I've spent all my formative teenage years protesting against Silvio Berlusconi, but the Left Party in Italy was an accomplice to many of his shit, so. What matters, in the end, are actions and you have to test your senators and politicians of this issue, if you ask me.

Meanwhile, in Italy, freaking Beppe Grillo said that he's "optimist" about Trump, that "the world needs strong men like him and Putin". Another demostration, if we needed more, that M5S (Movimento 5 Stelle) IS LITERAL FASCIST SCUM. Like fuck I'm gonna vote for them when his government will be dismissed! At least, we can see the truth surfacing from this whole mess.
It must be particularly frightening in Europe when Il Duce and Hilter are in living memory. America has had racist presidents but the fact that this strain of fascism has literally taken over the highest offices of our country - with an assist from the "Christian" Tea Party fundamentalists - is something entirely new to us. We used to think of ourselves, our nation as a bulwark again such insanity. Now we are plunged deeply into it.

One of the most concerning things to arise from all of this - but maybe it's something I needed to realized - was the rise of "strongmen", dictators, and fascism around the world. I've keep my head inside my little bubble for far too long, and while we were sleeping, they've been quietly achieving world domination. (The meaning of "stay woke" is only now really hitting home.)

If I were younger, and I was thinking about going back to grad school I'd consider communications and psychology - most especially a study of how the far right movements have been using communications and the media as tools to brainwash the populace because I really believe that's what is going on. I've had conversations with people or exchanges on FB where even people who are on the "left" are spouting some of the same talking points as the neo-nazis because that's what they are hearing on Fox News and MSNBC. (Like, both sides hated Hillary and are convinced she is a baby eating devil.) They both wanted to "burn the whole thing down". I'm side eyeing some of my friends in the Green Party pretty damn hard right now.

I think we need to understand how the media has been used, and how they communicate, because some of the rationalizations, flip-flops, backpedaling, contradictions and bursts of illogical nonsense I've seen makes me realize that they are echoing one another, and this is not random. We need to learn to understand how the tools of communication have been used to achieve a particular end in order to undo it.
The thing here in Italy (And, generally, in Europe) is that fascism was always present, all these years after the fascist party was officially dismantled. There are Mussolini nostalgics, people who still believe in him and that life was better back then. The big change is that all these people were ashamed of their opinions or they weren't so keen on making public statements, while now they are back again with their BS, being justified by the general political climate. And, IMO, many of them are inside Grillo's party. Grillo himself complimented Trump on his victory, so.

Well, as I woke up today I learned about the judge opposition to Trump's Muslim ban. Maybe there's still hope.
I found out about the Muslim ban when I got home from work last night - the same time I learned about the protests and the judges order. Everything is happening so fast!

I also read a fascinating article about the fundamentalist movement here in the US (Christofascism) and how their goal is to get Pence or someone like him (one of their own) in the WH, and to control gov't on every level so that we become a Christian theocracy. That is the great untold story of the last 40 years, and I am guilty of blithely ignoring the signs.
It really is. I think that they're trying to accomplish as many things as they can, before Trump gets impeached or something (Which, I hope, it will happen soon, considering what is doing) Isn't against every US law to deny asylum based on religion? I don't understand on what grounds he's acting.

I'm also starting to think that Trump is just a puppet. He seems so completely childish and stupid, I think that he's been used by people who want the power. And yes, Christianfascism is a thing and it sucks. I live in a country where the Roman Church is even more powerful than politcs and I hope you guys stay out of this shit. It's 2017, goddamnit!

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What's funny is that the christofascism in my country is primarily "protestant" and they hate Catholics. (My sweetie's sister asked me, "is it true catholics believe the pope is infalliable?" Like I'm some sort of expert on a religion I left in my teens but whatever.) But they'll all gang up together for certain shared goals - preventing gay marriage rights. etc.

Isn't against every US law to deny asylum based on religion? I don't understand on what grounds he's acting.

They're using the constitution as toilet paper, basically.

BTW - i watched the first episode of Veep today whilst recovering from outpatient surgery. I think I'll keep watching (it's available on amazon.)
We're going to be at the Phoenix march -- we'll be with you in spirit!

(That's a great layout you have over at DW -- is that one of their standard ones, or did you make it yourself?)
Hurrah! (Forgive me I'd say something more eloquent but I am so tired from work - need to go to bed soon to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the march tomorrow.)

And thank you, that is a standard DW layout - I know less than zilch about designing my own. I love the warm color scheme (and the quasi-japanese pattern) but I wasn't certain if I like the text being in that "narrow box", so I do appreciate the feedback. FYI: it's called "Ivory Alcea" by branchandroot for Mobility.

Are you and Kathy going with others to the march? How far are you from Phoenix?
A friend of ours is carpooling with us, and we're meeting up with members of a local LGBTQ+ group. We live right in the center of Phoenix, so our only challenge will be finding parking downtown!
Please take me with you in your heart when you're marching. It kills me that I can't do *any*thing.
You were with us, dearhreart - I'll post the photos soon. Don't worry though you can do something - make phone calls, write letters, give your time to your favorite local charity, stuff envelopes (do people stuff envelopes anymore? That was a thing before the internet. I guess it's emails now?)

I saw a sign that said "This is a movement not a moment." This is just the beginning.
'You were with us, dearhreart' - thank you!
I kicked myself so hard yesterday - there WAS a march in Frankfurt (the biggest in Germany even), and I didn't know until it was too late! I had checked the internet the night before, but nothing came up; turns out I shouldn't have looked for 'womens march in Germany', but ' in Frankfurt'! I wanted attend it so badly, and I wanted to take my daughter with me... :(

You know, my feeling helpless is not so much about how to better the world. I am spending a part of my time helping refugees, I organized a 'donate for refugees' thing with my last class, but that is about Germany. What I want is do something against Trump and his pirates, and I have no idea how to accomplish anything that way from here. I don't have representatives I could call or write to...
I guess it will remain only financial support of press and organizations for me, then. Which I already did, but will continue to do (even if only small amounts...)
Good to see you again. I know all about that rage and grief thing. I am so sorry. :((

The good thing about DW (well, one of the good things...) is that you can use all the lj tags just like before. So, lj-cut works, and lj user and everything. I never bothered to learn the DW equivalents because of this.

Thank you so much!

I tried to play around with the cut tags on DW and correct my posts but I kept ending up with a cut but nothing within the cut. I'll figure it out eventually, it took me a while with LJ too. (You'd think that would be ridiculously simple to accomplish, no? Eh, I'm the gal who can make a cake from scratch but boxed pudding is beyond me *lol*)

I'm sadly not able to march.

I had a DW account for back-up purposes, but I'm keeping my LJ. I have a paid account here.
You were with us in spirit!

I'm keeping my account here as well (it's a paid one thanks to kind angels) and after the subscription runs out I'll keep it - the only part of the paid account I am really using is the extra icon space. (I don't NEED more than 15 icons really - but I am tempted to pay for more space at DW for icons so I can transfer my current ones over. Never mind that I don't use but a fraction of what I've got.)