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Belated thanks: I've been nominated at the Wicked Awards!

With a great many apologies for extreme tardiness (and being totally MIA): THANK YOU to whomever nominated my artwork for Round 13 of the wicked_awards. I have no idea who did but it's extremely gratifying. And I am THRILLED that one of the nominated works is the poster for herself_nyc's "Closure (is a silly word)", for Round 19seasonal_spuffy.  That poster is the one thing I made the last year that I would have chosen, if I had decided to self-nominate. I'm really happy with how it turned out and honored that someone liked it enough to nominate.

Thank you also to whomever nominated my Category 2 Buffy icon for Round 17 of btvsats20in20 . That took me by surprise as well and I am very grateful.

ETA: Also nominated was my Mr Gordo icon for whedon_elite. Thank you freecat15 for pointing out my oversight!  *pets Mr Gordo*

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Still completely not of the understanding but I got a nom for Comforting Contemplations, so congrats to a fellow nominee :-)

Have no idea where in the process any of this is, but I think I find it safest that way.

Yes, I saw that - a nom for the Buffy story! This pleases me greatly.

FYI, they explain the rules in the profile, but these awards are selected by the mods rather than popular vote (unlike most awards.)
Just posted a brand new one actually, but worrying not about the getting; nominating or winning of such things is best for me I think. I could see myself getting obsessed about writing fics that would get awards; which would ruin everything I think; if that makes sense.
It makes PERFECT sense actually.

Participating in icon challenges improved my skills rapidly but there's a cost of enjoyment vs "what will win with the voters?" I think with the fic banners I can relax and my only concerns are, will the author like it, does it honor the story?
Congratulations on the nom, hon,that's a gorgeous poster and one I hadn't seen.

It is pretty gratifying to get an unexpected nomination, isn't it. Some kind person nominated two of my stories, and I was smiling for days when I got the notification.
I always feel the same way. Even though I have come around to the position that self-nomination is ok, it still feels like a gift when someone else nominates you out of the blue.
It is indeed a very, very nice thing that you made. Totally deserving of recognition!
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You know how I think about the absolute gorgeous banner that made me read the fic in the first place (cause I totally missed the posting, what with not yet being on LJ last year!)!

The icon is also one of the very best I've seen, I love it!

I've seen that your Mr. Gordo icon is also nominated - I love that as well (even if I know you don't think it's aynthing special, it really is!)!
Oh my gosh I forgot Mr Gordo was also nominated! I was perusing the list quickly before I posted this and miss that. Thank you, I will have to mention that.

And thank you for all your kind words, it really means a lot to me. :D
Oh, it's nice to see you post!

I think one of my icons was nominated, too. I admit I had never heard of the awards before. *g* But it's still nice, and it's an icon I really like, so that's a plus.