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Adventures in Photoshop, Part __ ?

Trying to teach myself PS CC is sometimes fun and sometimes sends me screaming into the night. As in last night, trying to correct a photograph of a rose I wanted to have printed and just muffing it up horribly. *le sigh*

The various "sharpen" functions are ones I have not mastered yet at all.  I'm sure I'll love it when I master it but I'm at that stage I was when I transitioned from Photobucket to ipiccy a couple of years ago: "I just want to do this, I just want my little slider bar back, where is the eraser so I can selectively apply this effect?" etc etc etc.  That said I do LOVELOVEOVE the fun effects with fonts - especially drop shadows, contouring and glow effects.

This morning I had a little more luck inmproving contrast, brightness, color, warmth etc on a photo I took yesterday of flowers behind the garage, but it still feels like I'm in the "beginner's luck" stage. I didn't even attempt to sharpen either of these, btw. Baby steps, baby steps.....

You did a great job with the coloring on this. Coloring is very hard master, especially if you are using Selective coloring. I'm still learning and experimenting with color. And as I have said before coloring that is acceptable for fan art isn't always acceptable on RL images.

For sharpening I use two different methods...1st way----- In filters, under sharpen, I use the unsharp mask. I adjust the mask to my liking, without getting the image too pixelated. 2nd way-----Duplicate the image, go to filters, then down to other, then click on high pass. I adjust high pass until it looks like there is a slight film over the image. Then I set the top image (the one with the film) to soft light. Then I adjust the opacity to my liking and merge the two layers.

In the photo studio (before the days of PS) I was taught this mnemonic for coloring.
My - Great (Magenta - Green)
Big - Yellow (Blue - Yellow)
Cadillac - Runs (Cyan - Red)
Which really isn't necessary now with photoshop but it still is fun.
Wow, thank you so much for the compliment! As I said to rbvfid, I photographed the cooler one in a shadow and was trying to get it to match the daylight look of the other photos I took that day - and now I like the edited result better than the other ones shot in actual daylight, the tone is much warmer.

Color is HARD though because there are so many variables. What we call color includes hue and tone, saturation, temperature, light and shadow. It's a lot more complicated than a box of crayolas.

What is selective coloring?

coloring that is acceptable for fan art isn't always acceptable on RL images

Very true.

Thank you for the sharpening tips! I want to watch some tutorials on the unsharp mask because a lot of people seem to rely on it and recommend that tool. Comlodge and chasingdemons for example. Your second method - I'll have to walk myself through that one before it makes sense then come back with questions. So much of this is learn as I go (and then hope I don't forget what I just did!)

In the photo studio (before the days of PS) I was taught this mnemonic for coloring.

What was the purpose of this?
You did really great job here, turning night into morning)

And, as a semi-offtopic... Did you know that google turned their Nik Collection photoshop filters into freeware? They could come very handy, especially noise reduction and sharpening filters (cough - early season buffy screencaps - cough).
If you are unfamiliar with Nik Collection, here is a video introduction, explaining them.
Thank you! It was actually late afternoon but I apparently moved into a shadow because the other shots of the flowers I took in partial sunlight didn't look this cold and blue, so I was trying to get this one to match the other photos in the set. I think I did an okay job. (the original does look like nighttime doesn't it?)

Now I should try to see if I can do the reverse effect.

Did you know that google turned their Nik Collection photoshop filters into freeware?

A friend of mine just told me about that the other day! I had never even heard of Nik before but I'm starting to download them. He mentioned it and I was like, "for all the supposed sophistication of Photoshop and all the tools and toys I still need to download stuff just to do the basics I want to do?" But thank you very much - and I haven't watched the video intro yet, I'll do so right now.

(cough - early season buffy screencaps - cough)

I FEEL ya, hon. :D
Wow, great job on that picture.

I have been working with Photoshop (Elements) for a couple of years now, but much of the time I don't really know what I'm doing -- it's mostly just trial & error for me.

Good luck with your future Photoshop endeavours!
Thank you very much!

You probably already know I started to try to learn PSE but my sweetie switched to PS CC. I don't know how the two compare but I'm actually having an easier time diving into PS than PSE. But then again I've also forced myself to actually just do projects and muck around in it.
It will come. I like what you're already doing very, very much! Looks like some PS vets are giving you excellent advice here.

THank you so much for the encouragement and compliments! I know I've been kind of MIA lately and I do want to get back into artwork.

I got the print a friend did of the pink rose photo I showed you a while back, and it's very pretty but I can see that the contrast could have used a little adjusting. I'm going to have a photo on canvas printed next to see how that comes out.
It looks like you're doing a great job based on these pictures! Photoshop takes a lot of time to learn. But the nice thing is there are a lot of people on LJ who are happy to help!
Thank you so much!

It seems like I have landed in the right place! (I've occasionally checked out PS forums but the conversations tend to be way over my head from the get-go. I like it just fine here, thank you.)
great discussion everyone - you did a fine job with your PS - and for encouragement my story with PS - I knew zero about PS and digital work when I took it up. My first adventures were like spending six hours trying to learn how to move friggin text and type - my husband walks in and showed me how to do it in minutes. I tried so many different ways and search my book for so long looking for index info on "moving text" Come to find out PS thinks everyone just knew that "nudge" meant "moving"

It's a cheap fix but I also just copy elements from the photos or images I am working on and place them over the super bad spots as cover -

Even after all these years I am still at a beginners level - Just Keep at it and It's just plain great creative life fun.

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Speaking of text, I still need to learn how to wrap text, how to curve it and bend it around an object, etc.

Come to find out PS thinks everyone just knew that "nudge" meant "moving"

Good to know!

Doesn't that drive you crazy? It's great that your husband was able to help - I'm lucky that our friend is knowlegable (but he doesn't have a mac so that can be a challenge) and we can't keep him here all the time. Folks here on LJ are really nice thank goodness. (I have noticed if you go online to forums etc people can be very nice or treat you like dirt for not being "knowlegable enough".)

Like I want to put a nice misty frame on a banner in PS - and I ended up having to go back to ipiccy to do that. I look forward to really knowing what I am doing!

You achieve some really gorgeous effects and you have a definite style all your own.

I also just copy elements from the photos or images I am working on and place them over the super bad spots as cover

Totally legit! In ipiccy I've used a copy of the image I'm working on as a texture layer and erased what I don't need - it allowed me to totally reproduce text from one banner to another or cover up goofs.

For sharpening images, the method I've always used is similar to above, but a little different.

1.) Go to channels and select the most crisp-looking. Usually it's green, especially if you're talking Buffy screencaps. Copy it and paste it to a new layer. Make sure you hit RGB so all channels are visible before going back to layers view.

2.) Select the Green (or whatever layer you copied) and run a high pass filter on it. You want it so just the edges are visible. Typically it's around .8-1.2.

3.) Unsharp Mask filter it. Just enough to make it crisp.

4.) Set the layer to Overlay or Soft Light.

It'll be sharper, but without all the noisiness you get from processing all the layers with the sharpen filter.