Buffy Helpless A Father's Love TRGM

Voting closes TODAY at btvsats20in20!

And back from my perpetual AWOL-ery....

Tonight is the deadline to vote in Round 17!

Don't forget there are three posts for voting: Themes, Category Sets, and AC Sets;

There are only 14 - 16 votes cast so far in each post (there are always people who miss one, it seems), and for the most part I pretty much agree with how the vote is going; there are no egregious errors, no "wtf, people?"

The one exception is that I am surprised that the Content theme isn't more evenly spread; I thought that was one of the most difficult to decide among. (I confess  I really like debris4spike's Bangel icon from What's My Line? The "medieval" stained glass background is so richly and intensely colored, in contrast to the relative neutrals of Buffy and Angel's skin, hair and clothes. The dark shadows cutting across Buffy's torso and around the figures give them depth and solidity in contrast to the flat background, but the shadows also link the figures visually to the leading in the stained glass. It's a deceptively simple little icon but there's a lot of "there there" the more I look at it.

And don't even get me started on crazycordy's beautifully subtle Faith AC set.

Some of of my icons are doing fairly well and I confess that makes me happy; after so many gen icon sets, doing a Buffy set was like a homecoming.  When I was making the icons I had a "concept" for the AC set and put a lot of energy into it, but ironically the Category set, which I spent relatively less time on, is doing better, as it should. I think it came out more interesting and it's one of the better Category sets I've done.
So glad you did this reminder post. I had voted for AC but nothing else. I went back and voted in the categories I missed. Some of your icons are doing quite well, deservedly so!!!

I hope you have been AWOL for a fun reason.

The seasonal spuffy banner challenge post is up..... I hope you enter again this year!
Thank you! You are beyond reproach when it comes to voting and giving fandom your all.

Guess what? Tiebreaker voting is up and I'm in all three http://btvsats20in20.livejournal.com/84757.html
Which means I get to sit back, relax, and let things play out as they will. (Do you think I should post about the tiebreakers or does that come off as a tad too desperate?)

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Thank you!

*tiny stage whisper* I think my Cat set came in first - and maybe three of my theme icons? (And a fourth or fifth in second by maybe one vote. Granted, 15-16 voters is NOT a representative sample but all in all considering the quality of other people's sets I'm fairly happy.)
I voted for all three when the posts first came out.

Good luck to you and the other artists.
I missed the round 17 general voting but caught the tie-breaker round. NO TIES WERE PRODUCED BY ME, for a change. Yay! Thanks for the reminder. :)
Not too bad. I'd rather "choose one from two" instead of "choose one from N" where N is something like five. The more options I have, the harder the voting is. :P