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Wow I've been MIA - and how about those icontests, eh?

Voting for Challenge 66 of slayerstillness is up right NOW - and once again I have been absolutely abysmal at participation lately. (Which is dumb because I have all sorts of flower textures and imagery that I could have drawn on.) But if I didn't enter I can at least vote and encourage y'all to to do the same.

And voting for Round 17 of btvsats20in20 is also up NOW, and this one I did participate in, with delays. And I have to say I'm pretty happy with my set. It's not showy, the icons are more "naturalistic" but I'm happy with how they came out. But I think "naturalistic" is a pretty good description of the entries overall by sweet_lyri, emmatheslayer, vanishingspirit and crazycordy .The icons are "subtle" and "unshowy" in the best way, because it really forced me to stop and look at them, to pay attention to the details. And I love that. There's a lot of "there there" but you're not being stabbed in the eye with it.  No desperate "Look at me, look at me!" but rather an assured, "Oh, there you are. Yes, come in."

Don't forget there are three separate voting posts: 10 THEMES, CATEGORY SETS, and ARTISTS CHOICE SET

Question: Is it weird that I am willing to pimp the heck out of voting for icontests here (even ones I don't participate in) but never got onto LJ once to promote voting for La'Porsha Renae in American Idol?  I did that on facebook and it was like, I wanted to keep my fandoms separate? Or - I don't know. It was a learning experience. I never watched the show before and thank god it's over, I wouldn't want to do that again. Sheesh. The partisanship, the anger, the racial and sexual slurs, the nonsensical all made buffyverse fan wars feel like a cakewalk in comparison.

PS to
velvetwhip : I see you over there voting!  *lol*
Hey! *waves* Did you see my shout-out? You must have voted literally minutes after I did.

ETA: I was really torn about "Content", but I'm not one do my vote over. (except I just did anyway. So never mind me.)

I need another cup of tea....

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Hi, good to see you posting, I missed you. I hope you've been okay.

I did my voting duty :-)

You know that I'm a girly girl, I ADORE flower patterns. I want flower patterns everywhere. I feel like Coppola's Marie Antoiniette!

I also voted in the 20in20 challenge. It's always very difficult to pick just one icon. I hope I was fair!
I'm kicking myself that i didn't get one done for this round because I have SO MANY floral photographs and textures, it's insane. I LOVE flowers!

And hey, I saw that you snagged my AC 2 icon from the new Buffy set and I'm really jazzed because I LOVE that icon! I think that one came out beautifully.
Qurl, you can't do everything. Take the pause that you need. There's always time for SUPER FLOWERY ICONSSS! *__*

Yes, I took the Anne icon! I also loved the Amends one, from the same set, but it was too sad for me at the moment. (I hope that my lighter mood stays that way! XDD)
Well I made some flowery Buffy/Darla ones a few months ago anyway *lol*

Funny that the Anne one is a "lighter" mood for you! But hey, if you love it that makes me super happy either which way. Any reason in particular for the lighter mood?
The ones where Buffy was dressed like a noblewoman?

Funny that the Anne one is a "lighter" mood for you! But hey, if you love it that makes me super happy either which way. Any reason in particular for the lighter mood?

Nothing in particular, I just think I'm handling well my anxieties so far. Or I hope that, anyway. Yes, in Anne Buffy's really depressed, but in that particular gif she doesn't have the helpless and crying facial expression she has in the other one, so I chose this one.