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* bangel_4e has offered to delay the deadline for Round 17 of btvsats20in20 until Monday and it is all my fault - AGAIN - so I do apologize to the folks who actually got their gorgeous sets in on time: crazycordy, vanishingspirit, emmatheslayer, debris4spike and sweet_lyri.

* Thank you to whoever nominated me for "Favorite Creative Artist (Buffy Fandom)" at the 2016 Fanatic Fanfic Multi-Fandom Awards! I had never heard of the site before and I'm ticked pink and blue and orange and ever color Crayola makes. I have no idea how to tell you to vote for me because I cannot figure out their website for the life of me. If anyone here does please let me know? Voting closes tomorrow and I just found out about it. ETA: Voting starts April 11 (thank you velvetwhip for that update!) Speaking of voting and awards:

* Voting for the Willowy Goodness Awards has been extended to APRIL 3RD due to a relative lack of votes - thank you velvetwhip for reminding me to vote! It's a shame that voting is low because there is no lack of quality in the nominee roster.

re: getting stuff in on time.

Almost halfway through those last six Relish fics.

See cion for one multiple resoans, but not excuses, why I keep not-finishing.

Maybe needed to be in this place to write a couple of them, which is a kind of fair warning that they are not all going to be happy, but when did real life fairytales ever reflect Disney; these are more from the place the Grimm's were re-discovering fairytales; or folk-tales.

Really just wanted to let you know that I'm still here, and I will always, like Spike, keep my promise to a lady.

Voting at Fanatic doesn't open til April 11th, so you have not missed it.

Thanks for pimping WGA!