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No Rest for the Wicked Awards, and Meta Love - Some fannish thoughts and gratitude

 A couple of weeks ago when I mentioned that my meta "Dopplegangers" has been nominated for Best Meta in the No Rest For The Wicked Awards,  I didn't properly say "thank you".  I had a nice long paragraph of appreciation all typed out on LJ - and that was the week LJ decided to give me shit, and wouldn't let me post more than a couple of sentences. *shakes fist at LJ*

So, thank you very much, Mystery Reader - and I honestly have no idea who it might have been, but it's appreciated all the same.  I don't think what I've written is even in the same league with some of the other meta that have been nominated, but it's a huge compliment just to be in the same category with the other writers there.  And it's especially gratifying because meta, not fanfic, is what got me into this part of fandom on LJ and what really pulled me into Buffyverse fandom for the first time last year; it was the thoughtful essays and discussions that demonstrated to me that what I'd heard - that there was a TV show with academic journals and conferences devoted to it - was no joke.

This is perhaps the first fan awards I've run into that specifically include a category for meta writing.  There are also categories for vids, manips, banners and icons, as well as fics in a variety of fandoms.  The nomination period ends the 31st, so stop over there and spread the love for your favorite fan works.  (It's probably worth mentioning that the nomination periods for the Absence of Light  and the Willowy Goodness Awards  will also be ending soon.  I think all of them still have slots that can be filled in various categories.)

[More thinky-thoughts and self-deprecation after the cut....]

I know fan fiction dominates fandom creativity, in this as in other fandoms, but I think it's a shame not to give meta essays some love and recognition as well, particularly given the fact that Buffyverse fandom is the most academic fandom and intellectual fandom of any tv show.  And while I read TONS of fanfic now, meta is still where my heart is, particularly when the writer combines heart and head, intellectual and emotional responses.   There's Slayage of course, but those papers are addressed to a very specific audience, one that I never became a part of and whose language I cannot access.

I am speaking from a place of my own inadequacy, of course (health monetary problems forced me to drop out of a masters degree program many years ago, and I never achieved the level of education I imagined I would), but there's a need in me to talk and write about the show, to peel back it's many layers, to hear different viewpoints, without feeling like someone is talking over my head.  Which is ironic, given that the refrain I heard time and again from classmates and even my mom growing up was "Why do you have to use such long words? Can't you speak English?"

Karma is indeed a bitch, my friends.

So I never got to reside for very long in that vaunted ivory tower, which isn't so very exalted in reality - I have more friends than I can count who are doing better than I am, perhaps, but still just getting by cobbling together a variety of adjunct teaching positions. But watching BtVS awoke something in me that needed more intellectual stimulation, and meta on LJ, DW and various blogs fulfill that quite nicely.
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I am so very happy that you were nominated!!! And that meta brings you so much joy... in addition to leading you to this fandom!

thanks sweetie! And as I mentioned before, I hope this encourages others to write meta, if so moved. (And get my own butt in gear.) 2012 was really a pretty fabulous year for meta; and the su_herald has some great links to blogs outside of LJ that I never would have found on my own.
I'm so happy for you! And personally I love rare or long words. <3
Oh yes - I used to read my thesaurus for pleasure. (Ok, that sounded weirder than it did in my head...) I love the way they wrap around the tongue and roll off of it, the way they make communication richer than the endless strings of abbreviations we settle with now (never mind smilies.)
Congratulations (I somehow think I already said congratulations for this one, but it can't hurt twice)!

It's also great you posted this because it reminded me that I still want to comment on both "Dopplegangers" and "Buffy vs. BUFFY", and need to do so before I do anything else fandom-related whatsoever! Feel like I've been procrastinating, big-time.
No it never can hurt and compliments - and comments - are always cheerfully accepted. I just got your comments to dopplegangers and will reply back, thank you. And beer_good_foamy's Buffy vs Buffy meta is one of the best IMO - one of the ones that turned my head around in terms of how I thought of the series. Mindfuckery at it's finest.

And congrats again back - you wrote some kick-ass meta in 2012. contrary to popular opinion, the fandom is NOT dead, kids. More, please?
Congratulations! I love to read meta, but would never attempt to write any. BTVS an amazing subject for meta.
Thanks! And btw - I didn't specify here but there are also fics and videos that I consider meta, and I should do a post on those sometimes. Meta doesn't have to be nonfictional essays.

For my part, I can't imagine writing the amazing fics that I read in this fandom.
Dedicated a fic to thee.
It's a sort of sidetrip to a series I was writing for a friend; which I hope to complete in the near future.

Hope you enjoy,
Re: Dedicated a fic to thee.
Really? Do you have a link for it, hon? I'd love to read it.

Btw - I love that your icons are all Tara, but this one amuses me, because I didn't really fall in love with Tara on the show until she pulled away from Willow in S6 and started to establish her own identity. At which point she became officially awesome. (On the other hand - the kiss in Entropy? I just cry and cry and cry. Damn but those two had chemistry.)

I do 'ship Tara and Buffy but NOT in the traditional sense of "ship" - but rather as "friendship". I'd like to explore that subject a lot more. Any fic recs in that regard?
Re: Dedicated a fic to thee.
Sorry, should've said that I'd just posted it. It's the most recent entry at my lj.