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10in30 Round 2: My Entries

The theme for Round 2 is "starcrossed lovers" ; I had snagged "Buffy" as my claim before the theme was announced so of course, my subject is Bangel. (Dedicated to bangel_4e, who has recently announced she is going on hiatus from art and LJ for a while due to wrist pain.  I am still moping about this.*)   Also I have been dreadfully sick this weekend, hence the last-minute-ness of this post.

1 -5 represent star-crossed lovers, 6- 10 represent separation and longing, and we were allowed to have just one character of the pairing in these. As Buffy was my claim it felt natural for these to be Buffy-centric:

Teasers:     angel108_464_icon1a7_rsd.png buffy-and-angel_icon14f.png amendsbuffysleepingicon_rsd2016_1b3.png

1 - 5 buffy-and-angel_icon2c.png buffy-and-angel_icon5b2.png angel108_464_icon1a7_rsd.png buffy-and-angel_icon2c.png buffy-and-angel_icon10e.png

6 - 10 beautyandthebeastbuffyicon1d2016_RSD.png buffy-and-angel_icon11c3.png buffy-and-angel_icon13c_rsd.png buffy-and-angel_icon14f.png


11 - 15 buffy-and-angel_icon15a.png   angel108_464_icon1a7_rsd.png   angel108_464_icon1a10a_rsd.png   amendsbuffysleepingicon_rsd2016_1c.png   buffy-and-angel_icon10d.png

* bangel_4e's Buffy/Bangel set is much more gorgeous-er, of course, be sure to check it out. Especially since it's apparently her last (for a while.) But then again all the other sets submitted for Round 2 thus far are well-nigh awesome and deserve your attention.

A Vague Disclaimer is No One's Friend:
~ Take what  icons you like for personal use but please credit if used :)
~ No hotlinking!
~ Comments however are appreciated :)
~ Icons with blank space can be personalized upon request.
~ If you wish to personalize because you have PS and more font or fx options than I do, by all means please ask first.
~ All artwork by yours truly except where otherwise indicated.

Awwwh, the original OTP! XD

I basically love all the bed scene/IWRY icons: 3, 4, 12, 13 and 15 out of time one. So fitting!
Thank you sweetheart!

I was originally planning to spread the images out over the seasons more evenly but, IDK, IWRY has so many compelling images to chose from.
These are fabulous!!!! Now I want you to make icons for all my IWRY fics! You really evoked the beauty and hopelessness of their relationship here!

Now I want you to make icons for all my IWRY fics! You really evoked the beauty and hopelessness of their relationship here!

WOW! What a compliment! You completely made my day!

(I don't know if I ever told you but snowpuppies SUPERB poster for "Blink or You'll Miss What you Never Saw" is one of the pieces that made me want to become a digital artist.)

Wow! That is so neat to know. It really is an amazing banner, isn't it? I miss Snowy. She was extraordinary to the nth power!

It's funny but just today - as I was emerging from the haze of whatever virus I picked up from my sweetie this weekend - I remembered how snowy mentioned she'd try to write a Buffy/Tara fic sometime and never got around to it. I know, like everything else she did it would have been AMAZING.

You know how there are some artists who gets tons of nominations and awards and you think "What the heck does everyone see in them?" Snowy was the absolute opposite - the artist for whom there were not enough superlatives in the thesaurus much less awards to hand out to her.

Which is to say that yes, I miss her presence too.
I feel the same about her stories. She inspired me to break out of my shell and tackle characters and pairings I'd never considered before. Wow.

Your use of light is really pretty! I also like the coloring on 1 and 3. :)
Gosh, they are beautiful! Love #4, great effect on that one! I sadly had to drop out since my claim and the themes didn't exactly mix (the only thing possible was a crack! pairing, and I'm not exactly shipping that one, only one half of it).

Another question: you okay with me copying your disclaimer? It's better than mine.
Thank you so much!

I sadly had to drop out since my claim and the themes didn't exactly mix

I haven't seen the mission impossible films 4 &5 (that was your claim, right?) but I almost dropped out after they announced the theme because I'm not much of a bangel shipper and bangel_4e totally KILLED it with her set. I'm just glad that I didn't totally embarrass myself!

you okay with me copying your disclaimer? It's better than mine.

As a matter of fact I adapted it from starry_night's disclaimer (with her permission) so by all means feel free to use it! It's a shame such things have become necessary but too many of my friends have had work stolen outright.
Gracias! I was kind of pleased with #10 - the addition of the dove is a wee bit kitschy I know, but I love how the fire and light behind Buffy blended right into the silhouette of Angel. (I do have a version without the dove but it looks kind of empty and incomplete IMO.)
Do like #15.

And Buffy looks so much like Joyce in #4.

#10 is a bit too colourful for me; love the angel/dove, but my image of that says monochrome, or very drained of colour.

Thank you so much!

Does she look like Joyce in #4? That's awesome. :D

love the angel/dove, but my image of that says monochrome

And I thought the angel/dove would be something folks would potentially either love or hate but so far it seem to be getting the love. Yay!

Do you think it's too bright? I actually think it's fairly muted, but maybe that's my monitor.
Too colourful; not too bright.

My brain is telling me that image should be monochrome; my memories of Angel the Series and the episode itself. It looks very pretty and, if my brain weren't so weird, very effective and, yes, muted.

Just feels 'wrong' to me. Not sure if I'm making sense.

Will this suit you better, love? It's the best I can do:

It's a tricky one because the original image of Buffy is quite dark but then the screen cap of angel is very light (to highlight his silhouette of course) so they affect one another, plus I have to make the image readable; adjust contrast and saturation to both layers to get rid of the firemen in the shot next to Angel, keep his shadow and Buffy both visible, then adjust a black bird and turn it white on top of Angel.


AH! THANK YOU! You have no idea how much that means to me because light effects are something I've only started to become comfortable with very recently, and one of my biggest (artistic) goals of last year was to improve my use of light. :D So it's something I've really worked on (plus I've snagged great light textures by folks like colorfilter )

3 & 7 are probably my personal faves, tbh. Buffy + glow = I'm a goner. *lol*

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