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btvs20in20 Round 16: I Robot, You Jane

For btvsats20in20 Round 16. Many thanks to my wonderful beta-Muse velvetwhip!

Teasers: 248792749_willowlockersiryjicon1b_rsd2016.png   gilesquoteicon_1b_rsd2016.png   jennycalenderiryjicon1e1.png

[The knowledge gained from a computer, is, uh, it... it has no, no texture, no, no context.]

10 Themes
Center Text Party Shadowed Profile Personification Plain Background
Bright Yellow Dream Flower Texture Touch of Color Fiery
1.The Beginning 2.Conflict 3.Climax 4.Resolution 5.The End
5 Artist's Choice
AC 1 AC 2 AC 3 AC 4 AC 5

I consider IRYJ to be one of the most underrated episodes of the series.  Sorry, but I do not get the hate. It's got the introduction of Jenny Calender (did I mention I'm a G/J shipper?); and right off the bat foreshadows the idea that she is not what she claims to be; some great dialogue; a Willow-centric episode; Buffy looking out for Willow's welfare (she was only concerned when she realized Willow didn't actually know this "Malcolm") and the first instance in the series of me being truly afraid for Willow and her proving that she's smarter and more resolute than I gave her credit for.

And some of the stuff about computers and the internet turned out to be rather uncomfortably true.


bookofmolochicon2b1a_rsd2016.png   bq_iryj0259_icon1b2b.png bq_iryj0259_icon1b1.png bqiryj0793_icon1b_rsd2016.png bq_iryj0166_icon1c1.png bq_iryj0259_icon1d3.png gilesandjennyiryjicon2b_rsd2016.png 1 - 7

A Vague Disclaimer is No One's Friend:
~ Take what  icons you like for personal use but please credit if used :)
~ No hotlinking!
~ Comments however are appreciated :)
~ Icons with blank space can be personalized upon request.
~ If you wish to personalize because you have PS and more font or fx options than I do, by all means please ask first.
~ All artwork by yours truly except where otherwise indicated.

These are all stupendous! I love Party, Dream, Plain Background, Climax... all of them really. Bravissima!!!!!!

Like you, I think IRYJ is a terrific episode!

Thank you so much, cara mia!

I watched half the episode today and want to finish it tomorrow. It's adorable!

(I didn't mention that Xander is still being a jerk to Willow at this point. I'd forgotten how he used to make me cringe in S1 on a pretty consistent basis.)
Oooh, lovely!

Favs this time around are: Party, Bright Yellow, Flower Texture, Resolution, AC1, and Alt 6.

I know the show's about Buffy and slaying, but I wish Giles wasn't so alone. Why can't he have adult friends? Even Spike has Clem as a buddy. Oh, and poor Jenny. :(
Thank you so much for the feedback! :D

I'm tickled that two the icons I disliked the most, or really worried were subpar - Party and Dream - are ones that have been singled out a lot in the comments. Shows that I am not the best judge of my own work! AC1 and Alt 6 OTOH are two of my favorites *points to user pic*. I almost make Alt 6 my b/w+ color but I also wanted to use the shot for my "yellow" icon so I had to choose.

but I wish Giles wasn't so alone

I so agree with this - I ship Giles with Jenny, Joyce, and Olivia. If Joss is so into angst why does he think the best way to do that is to end relationships? Relationships - yes, even healthy, stable, functional ones - are THE SOURCE of angst. I don't read the Jessica Jones comics (I've seen the first five eps of the series and that's it, 'cause they were free), but in the comics she and Luke have gotten married and have a baby, for crying out loud. Whereas nobody ends up in a relationship in the Buffyverse it seems.

I'd feel worse if it weren't Joss' pattern and not just with Giles. Whedon reportedly did not want to include any adults in the series if he could have pulled it off. But the show really needed more adults, or at least really develop the few it had, and it desperately needed strong, mature women to be role models (both positively and negatively) for Buffy, Willow, Tara and Dawn. It had so many possibilities and it threw every one of them away. Mrs Rosenberg and Mrs Harris: seen once and never again. Joyce, Jenny, Maggie Walsh, Mrs Maclay (offscreen): dead. Nikki Wood: dead. Darla: dead. Dru: insane. Olivia: quietly written off. Then add Tara as a mother-figure: dead. Anya: dead.

And yeah, sorry for going off on a tangent like that.

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Marvelous work!
My favorites from this set are party, personification, touch of color, the end, AC 1, AC 4, alternates 5 and 6. :)
Thank you so much! I'm stunned that Party is such a hit because I wasn't happy with it - but I'll take it! I'll take the compliments! I think of this set my favorite is AC1.
I'm gonna begin by saying that I probably would have liked the episode more if the monster had been more realistic or done better. But I understand it was season1 and they were low on budget so I just watch it as a filler episode, nothing more. It was cute to see Willow in a romantic position (even with that happened later) and yeah, it foreshadowed quite a bit of what we deal with now. It's probably one of the worst BTVS episodes for me, but all in all..it's still Buffy.

NOW ONTO THE ICONS!!! I have to say cat5 is my favorite..IT IS AMAZING! Composition and light are great and I like the contrast between the two moments captured. I also loved the text in personification (VERY CLEVER), flower texture (love the composition here), the crop of touch of color and ac5 which has a very beautiful clarity and light.
A great set. And I like that you chose what is considered an unpopular episode of BTVS.
It's probably one of the worst BTVS episodes for me, but all in all..it's still Buffy.

Thank you for explaining - the MOTW is the weakest aspect but that's always true of MOTW eps. I still find the generalized amount of hate it gets over and over puzzling. I remembered the episode as charming and funny and I just rewatched yesterday it and still enjoyed it. Whereas there are other episodes that are far worse IMO, or at best forgettable: The Witch, Inca Mummy Girl (my candidate for worst, possibly), Puppet Show (dull), Bad Eggs, the rage and headache inducing As You Were.

I have to say cat5 is my favorite.

Thank you! That one is definitely one of my favorites - one I knew I had to include come hell or high water. I had a version with the text "we're doomed" but it just didn't work - the image said it all. I'm not great with text if you hadn't noticed *lol*

I also loved the text in personification

Except maybe that one, I do like - at least in concept. I suppose it would have been more interesting to have part of the text obscured by the cup and let the viewer fill in the gap in their minds? *ponders*

And AC 5 is one of my faves - it and AC1 were two of my "I have to include this come hell or high water" icons. I always want to create a visually coherent AC set but usually just end up cherry picking among all my alts.
I like your center text icon. Such a simple but effect solution to the challenge! I also like the cropping on touch of color and the "cartoony" thought cloud you used on dream. I had a hard time coming up with something for that challenge. :)

The composition on cat 5 is fantastic and I really like your extra 5!
I like your center text icon.

Thank you! It's not showy or accomplished but I just liked the concept. I could have used any number of quotes from the show because this ep has some great lines, but I like using elements that are actually in the screen caps whenever possible. This icon actually could have gone in the Category set, but I could have shuffled several of these around. That is always my problem.

I had a hard time coming up with something for that challenge.

Seriously? Because your's is beautiful - and your center text icon is BRILLIANT. (PS Good luck this round!)

The most difficult for me were Party and Dream, because this episode has neither, not even a slayer dream. So I'm surprised that both have been mentioned a lot in the comments here. But I had a harder time with several of these than I would have expected.
- (Anonymous)
As ever, lovely work .... I especially like Touch of colour - both the crop and the colour effect. Shadowed profile is stunning, and it is great to see some Jenna icons.
Thank you for the feedback Deb!

I just could NOT pass up the opportunity to make a nice Jenny icon because there are so few out there.

And I'm pleased you like Shadowed Profile - that's one I feel I could have done better on, but I'm hard on my own creations.
Very nice set! In fact, I just finished voting for several of these. And..... no, I didn't know they were yours. (I suspected on a few of them but I didn't know.)
I think how fast it got SUPER dated is part of the hate? But yeah IDK I love the cheesy S1 episodes.

I love these! Especially cat #1, AC #5, and all the Giles and Jenny (and Giles/Jenny!) ones.
I think how fast it got SUPER dated is part of the hate?

I guess so - I actually think the scanner Willow uses is pretty cool. Like, I kind of remember scanners like that, it looks like it would be much more versatile (and take up less room) than my flatbed scanner.

I wonder if the character of Fritz as a stereotype of creepy nerds who hang out on the computer all day (and turn out to be evil) isn't part of the hate; even though Jenny hangs a lantern on it in the opening scene. "Thank you, Fritz, for making us look like crazy people." I'm sorry, but I just love so many bits of that ep.

I love these!

Thank you sweetheart! I think you're the first person to give a shout-out to my cat 1 icon!