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Spreading out my 15 minutes of fame past tolerable limits...

Breaking news: Congratulations to the winners of whedon_elite Challenge 136: harlequinss_s, sweet_lyri, nmcil12, teragramm and emmatheslayer!  And THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my icons for giving my Robin & Nikki Wood Most Creative (tied with harlequinss_s's lovely Willow icon). Of my four entries that icon is the one I have the most feelings about in terms of me trying to express my anger at the way Nikki and Robin's relationship was portrayed/sidelined/given short shrift in the series. I have feelings about this issue, which I'll explain once I have some pretty awards banners for the round to show off.

In the meantime, here are some pretty banners from tempertemper for slayerstillness Challenge 61. Thank you for voting my icons 2nd place and Most Creative!


banner by tempertemper feb 2016   banner by tempertemper feb 2016

I love how the neutral background makes the icons really pop. I confess I didn't really appreciate teragramm's Wesley/Lilah icon until I saw it on TT's banner. Check out the rest of the winners and banners here.  My entries:

ozseason4handkissicon1b3a_rsd2016.png EntropyKiss_icon2a_sharp_we134_rsd.png EntropyKiss_icon1c1_sharp_we134_rsd.png badgirlsdanceicon1a.png consesquenceswiffyhugicon1c_rsd.png 1 - 5

As per usual, 1 & 2 are not the ones I would have picked to be winners. Those were the two I looked at and thought "oh crap, I wish I could do better than that. Ah, nobody will give those two a second glance."  Especially since I rarely icon W/O & W/T. And I just adore the old-fashionedness of Oz's gesture.

Re: the Buffy & Willow icon, I went back and forth between #5 & 14 for the longest time (ie an hour or so) because I love the retro coloring of 14, especially the blue/white curtain in the background. (The pattern is a texture by lookslikerain. Thank goodness for the off-white curtains in the screencap.)
ozseason4handkissicon1a2_rsd2016.png EntropyKiss_icon1c_sharp_we134_rsd.png 6 - 11
12 - 14

Somewhat off-topic and spreading out my 15 minutes of fame past tolerable limits: I am very amused by the fact that excerpts of my conversation with buffy comics cover artist Steve Morris on DeviantArt re: his cover for S10.24  has shown up on both Slayalive and Buffyboards. My conversations with him have turned me into a fan btw; he always answers any questions or comments I've had and is a delight to talk to about the process of making covers, his inspirations etc.
LOL, indeed you're famous. :D And thanks for the link, that was a very interesting conversation. :)

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You always have good insight into art pieces and your comments are usually thought provoking and kind. It's about time the rest of the world found that out too. Yay for your 15 minutes of fame!!!
Congrats on your wins! Oz is such an under-iconned character IMO, so I am glad to see your Oz icon get some love.
Congratulations on your wins! I was going to vote for #2 as most creative, but then discovered I had just exceeded the deadline. Glad to see you didn't need my vote after all!

I really like the retro colouring of #14 too.

And you're even more famous than you think, because your conversation has also been posted on Buffyforums and BuffyTube :-) I love Steve Morris' work and I enjoyed reading your conversation.
And you're even more famous than you think, because your conversation has also been posted on Buffyforums and BuffyTube :-) I love Steve Morris' work and I enjoyed reading your conversation.

Really? That's funny - I don't know "Stony" but I feel like I should send them a brownie basket *lol*. Steve is a joy to converse with, and I appreciate his covers better having heard a bit of the stories behind them. Like, what the original concepts are, what details or ideas the producers reject, etc. The cover for #24, for instance, he wanted to depict Buffy pinning a demon down on a pool table but that idea was rejected, hence the somewhat awkward composition of the final version.

BTW I saw on one of those forums that your father passed away very recently? I am very very sorry.
Stoney is a relative latecomer in fandom (like me, and yourself I believe) and very active, just not on LJ. I'll be happy to let her know about the brownie basket, if you like :-)

And yeah, my father unexpectedly died last month. His health wasn't good, and we had spent most of last year setting him up in a nursing home. He was doing better there, so we'd hoped he'd still have a few good years ahead. But it wasn't to be.

On a happier note, I see it's your birthday today. So, a very Happy Birthday to you!! I hope you are enjoying it.
These are such amazing icons! Oh my stars! You really did yourself proud with this bunch!

I love your Oz/Willow icon! It's so cute.

The Robin/Nikki Wood icon is totally fab!

Kudos on all your wins. :)
Happy Birthday! I hope you've had a super day, and best wishes for a great year to come :)