I hope so too. :D And good luck to you, btw! (I don't think I'm going to win "voters choice" and I'm weirdly ok with that. it's a tough, competitive field.)
Both polls were very tough to vote in. So many amazing entries!
I had a heck of a time and ended up having to re-read all the stories to decide. And even then "best" is entirely subjective, especially with the fiction. The stories are so different to one another and all wonderful in their own ways.
Hee, I'm afraid my miracles (miraculous tie-making) are of the Murphy's Law variety. But I am click-happy and will vote even to the regret of everyone involved. :P
That would have been my choice too! But I suspect so many people would have picked that the awards would have been a moot point.

The good thing about this is having to make a decision (when I don't like to, by nature) and explain to myself if no one else why.