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Nominations for the RWSA closing TODAY! (And a word or two in praise of betas)

Feb 3rd is the deadline to send nominations to darkgoddessgege for Round 11 of  the rwsawards, so it's your last chance to nominate your favorite authors and artists in buffyverse and SPN fandom.  Check out the list of current nominees here.

I noticed that at the moment there is only nomination in the "My Marker" (best beta) category, foxstarreh. It's possible that there are other nominations pending in that category but if you have a muse who has shaped your work to be the best it can be, by all means give them a little love with a nomination. Betas are unsung heros, serving as muses, editors, collaborators, teachers, sounding boards, task masters and selection committees.

I wanted to nominate velvetwhip in this category for all the work she does as a beta for my icons and artwork, but she has already maxed out on the number of nominations she can receive. As well she should. But it's worth pointing out that art betas are just as eligible to be nominated in this category as writing betas. (And yes, I have confirmed that with darkgoddessgege.) I am well-nigh certain that I'm not the only person using a beta-muse for help with my artwork because all artists (visual artists, writers, etc) need feedback. Art doesn't exist in a vacuum.
Got a couple of nominations, which I must make a post about now.

And feedback; must start giving more and stop internally whining about not getting much.

I think I've said it before but it never hurts to say "congratulations" again, does it?

must start giving more

An excellent plan. I find that giving feedback is often the best way to get it in return. (Also, going to someone you trust and asking for it outright generally doesn't hurt either, even if it's difficult to ask.)
Thanks for the reminder! I just sent in some best beta noms!

I am so flattered you think so well of my services as your art beta!

Ok I just got a nomination notification for best beta, was that you my dear?

And you know I think the world of all you do for me and all you give. I just wish it had occurred to me to nominate you in that category sooner (but I'm good with the reason why I couldn't.) It didn't actually occur to me because I saw the category and assumed "writing beta" by default even though I know better.

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velvetwhip is a great beta for fic and art! :)

But so are you. You helped me out on a couple of my Gen stories last year and your fandom knowledge is par excellence!

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Thanks sweetie! *blushes*

Say, I just got nominated at RWSA for best beta - was that you??

ETA: never mind, I think I have another suspect to "interrogate" *lol*

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I actually had that on my list of things to do when I got home, but it looks like someone that we know well already beat me to the punch.
It just makes me SO grateful knowing that more than one person thought of me! I have the best friends and that's a fact.
I totally agree that betas are unsung heroes. The two betas for my long fix were invaluable--my first draft was a hot mess and they helped me make it much more coherent.

But RWSA is a judged award. Asking volunteer judges to read a 40,000+ Word story just because my betas on it were awesome feels kind of excessive. I'm fond of my story, but it hasn't exactly set the world on fire. I'm also keenly aware of the story's flaws, and I'd hate for my betas to be judged by my mistakes and shortcomings.

Also, one of my betas has also maxed out nominations this round, and it would feel weird to single out one for a nom.

It's entirely possible that I'm overthinking this. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that people who have shorter, better stories or artwork will be inspired to nominate their betas.