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My First (OOPS - second) Awards and Awards Banners of 2016!

Courtesy of the voters at Round 15 of btvsats20in20, and the splendidly talented tempertemper who outdid herself in her usual brilliant way. Thank you so much! I think my icons look the best they ever have in their lovely frames; the Light Texture and Close Crop icon really pop, and I can actually appreciate how nice the Category icons look as a set in ways I couldn't before. And I love the sly meta nod to the Category theme challenge (Silver and Gold) in the conception and execution.

Banner by tempertemper january 2016     Banner by tempertemper january 2016

Banner by tempertemper january 2016

This is why I enjoy winning because I get pretty pretty banners (and feedback and strokes); it's entirely pavlovian and I honestly don't care as much as I should. Even though I know it's probably childish of me. I really have never understood the folks who win at icontests and then don't ask for banners because they don't need them. You guys are better people than me, honestly. I'm shallow. Sue me.

And while I have your attention:

slayerstillness 26 entries in Challenge 61, "Touch Me"; voting deadline Tuesday Feb 2.

actress_ic has 28 entries in the very cool "vintage" theme of Challenge 111. Voting open until Thursday Feb 4.

ooo, congratulations. These are very pretty. I really like the second one - beautiful lighting job. Nothing wrong with being proud to show the fruits of one's labour. :D
Thank you! I really like how the light texture one came out. Light textures are fun!

The thing about banners I didn't mention before is that I not only get to show off my art again, I'm also showing off someone else's. Which is why I hope more people get into banner making, because I like getting them from other artists.
Light textures are fun!

Totally are. I've just posted a vid on clouring a black and white image just using adjustment layers which are sort of textures and blending modes. Photoshop just knocks me over every time I think about it. :D

I think making banners is a great way to practice skills. You are doing very well with them too. :D
I am so proud of you! And you deserve every single plaudit!


The banners and the icons inside of them look amazing!
Those were two of my favourite icons from that round. I should have guessed they were yours! Congratulations!