Buffy Casablanca Poster poppy wreath  RS

Congrats to the winners of btvsats20in20 and whedon elite!

Thank you VERY MUCH to everyone who voted in btvsats20in20 Round 15!  I won Close Crop, Light Texture, and 3rd Place Category Set.  Congratulations to crazycordy, sweet_lyri, midnightisclose!

Congratulations to the winners at whedon_elite Challenge 135 : nadya149, dixon, harlequinss_s, hermionesparkle, heterodynes, sweet_lyri; and for my Banner Maker's Choice Award, teragramm.  Congratulations! The theme this round was "red heads", check out all the winning entries and banners HERE.

My entries for Challenge 135 after the cut. Fandoms: BtVS, Avengers (MCU). Many many many thanks, as always, to my beta-Muse velvetwhip for her input:
willowTL380_icon1d4_rsd.png willowTough_Love_379icon1e_rsd.png willowtwothicon1a2b_we134_rsd.png blackwidownatashaicon2a1a_we134_rsd.png 1 - 4
Arranged roughly from most painterly/stylized to photographic/realistic.  I'm really pleased with how #1 and it's alts (below) turned out.  I layered several textures by lookslikerain that give it the look of a post-impressionist oil pastel by Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas or Toulouse-Latrec.

Alts and extras:
blackwidowscarletwitchicon1a_we134_rsd.png oafaicon1_we1332016rsd.png blackwidownatashaicon1b_we134_rsd.png 5 - 10
I couldn't resist stealing teragramm's idea to make the Buffyverse ladies redheads. (Teragramm's are much superior, of course.)
Jan.png     blackwidowscarletwitchicon1_we134_rsd.png    11 - 15
  willowTL380_icon1a_rsd.png       16 - 20

Your Black Widow was my favorite! I'm snagging it now. Thanks!
My pleasure and thank you for making my day! These are the first Natasha icons I've ever made btw.

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I'm too exhausted for a proper commentary but: 2 = best crop ever! And whaaaaaat? Why didn't you pick icon 6? It's so perfect! Natasha's hair looks like a gift from the Heavens. The Willow and Natasha icons are all excellent.
Thank you Kiki!

I was going to enter 5 or 6 and if I could have entered 5 icons I would have, but I felt as though I basically cropped the poster, cleaned it up slightly and added a bit more light to it. Whereas 4 I did more work on to clean up and lighten a very dark cap; and I liked the clarity and sharpness of the image and the way her skin looks almost like porcelain.

I figured the more work on an icon the better. Which was probably not the best way to choose but I do like them both.
Lovely set and very nice alts. I like the whole first line of alts (5-10) I especially like #8 and 9.
Thank you hon! I love how everyone who has responded has a different favorite (and a lot of people like the alts, which doesn't often happen. This pleases me greatly.)
Your work is, as always, spectacular! Being your beta is a super privilege!

Congrats! They all are amazing, and all variations of "Tough Love" are just... wow!