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And here I seek to disturb feliciacraft's peace of mind.....

....because HERE be 3 tiebreakers for Round 15 of btvsats20in20. And we all know how feliciacraft feels about tiebreaker voting but darn it, it's a happening thing and if it leads to more of her brilliantly satirical stanzas I make no apologies.

And HERE be voting for Challenge 135 "Red Heads" of whedon_elite; 33 - count' em, 33! - gorgeous icons to choose from for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best Crop, Best Color and Most Creative.  Most rounds of WE lately haven't gotten enough entries to warrent the full voting slate; this time everyone came out to play and they brought their A-game.

Voting is such sweet sorrow.

And totally off-topic:

* I've read Buffy comic S10 #23 and overall I quite enjoyed it.  I may at some point even choose to discuss it.

* Things I didn't know I needed in life until I saw them: I came across two Orphan Black/Buffy videos today on YouTube by Orphan Crack:
  -- Orphan Black credits Buffy-style by Orphan Crack; spoilers for all three seasons.
      I love how the credits list the characters rather than the actors. (Although it would be funny to see "tatiana maslany" repeated)
  -- Orphan Black + Buffy musical episode sets the OB characters into the episode "Once More With Feeling", specifically the number "I've got a
     feeling" and it works suprisingly well. The biggest giggle is Felix being assigned Xander's lines.
Ha-ha, already voted everywhere!!

But I must point out something: Willow icons are the actual best! Like, lately a lot of artists are doing the greatest job when it comes to Willow, in my opinion. Also she has red hair and there's also red involved, which is so cool. I love red in icons. So it was really, REALLY hard to choose.
So it was really, REALLY hard to choose.

It was really hard to choose because there were so many good ones.

(I noticed btw that only 3 or 4 of us so far have voted for icon #11 which I love and WHY isn't that getting more love? WHY?)
The 11th icon in the redheads challenge you mean? It's such a perfect icon! But I don't blame the others, the choice was really hard. So many pretties! I wanna MOAR Willow iconssss! (I need to find the space!)
Yep this icon and now that the winners have been announced (it took 3rd place btw) I've called dibs on it. :D
Awwww, SO PRETTY! I have a mighty need for Willow icons. You see how pretty they get? (Your icon, number 4, was kickass too!)
Aw, thank you! It's my first Natasha (black widow) icon. I know it doesn't "go with" the other three but I just liked it.
- (Anonymous)
What i found odd was the mismatch in video quality from one series to the other. The HD they can achieve now on a routine basis makes Btvs look awful. (alas)

But that may explain why there aren't more crossover vids for those two fandoms.

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Skipped the Internet last night and opted for sleep instead, and I seem to have missed the tiebreaker voting (which might be just as well given my record). Congrats on your win there! :)

I voted!
I was thrilled by the results yesterday. Congratulations on your wins at 20in20.
Thank you and thank you m'lady!

I did not expect to win the Close crop award but I'm tickled I won light effects. Baby-faced Buffy is beyond adorable.

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