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Here be a tiebreaker....And shout-outs to fiction by Dragonyphoenix and Kerkevik2014

1) For slayerstillness Challenge 60 vote for your favorite icon for the third place position.

BTW, did you vote at btvsats20in20 Round 15 yet?  Good.  Now have you signed up for Round 16 yet?

2) And by the by, did you know that dragonyphoenix posted the artwork she commissioned from me for her excellent Anya/Snap crossover fic, The Letters (84 Charing Cross Road)?  (TTH post here.) But you will have to read the story to find it because  it's intergrated into the text. And FYI, the actual text of the artworks is entirely her concept. I just followed marching orders.

At AO3 she also included a marvelous story banner by Restfield aka rbfvid.

3) My friend kerkevik_2014 has been writing up a storm - a very quiet storm that snuck up on me and took me entirely by surprise.  His latest is a Buffy/Faith fic, "Casablanca" (not to be confused with shapinglight's fic) that is poignant and mournful and like all of his work is a prose-poem unlike anyone else's.

Last year I sort of asked him to write Buffy more often (actually I may have whined about it a little, but never mind that.)  He's come through while remaining true to himself in his own beautiful way.  This story is actually part of the birthday gift for elisi, the 22'verse that includes stories of Spike and Illyri, Riley Finn, Xander and Buffy, etc. Also worth a look - a charming, gentle Tara, Dawn fic (post The-Gift): Like Seeing Your Very Own Self Looking Back at You.

See, not every post I put up is longer than the Constitution. Some are only as long as the Gettysburg Address. "Short and sweet" is a relative thing.
like all of his work is a prose-poem unlike anyone else's.
This. I have no idea how to describe his writing. It's incredibly pared-down, yet astonishingly lyrical.
"prose-poem" is the phrase that works best for me - there's nothing conventional about his language use.

It reminds me a little of Virginia Woolf esp the later short stories i.e. the experimental stream of consciousness except that Woolf was still writing in sentences and paragraphs. Ray's stories are sometimes just a little bit longer than haikus, extremely pared down. With a touch of Emily Dickenson I think.
Excellent pimpage of excellent fics and art! (I voted in the tiebreaker.)

Yesss, The Letters deserve more recs, it deserve all the recs in the world =) And thanks for pointing out Casablanca, I tend to miss a lot of stuff these days...
And thanks for mentioning my banner *blushes*