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Or, the evolution of my New Year's greetings:
1) Here's to a happy new year!
           2) It has to be better than last year?
3) Let's hope it doesn't suck.

On the other hand: Viola Davis is looking F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S on the cover of InStyle Magazine.  It had this cover by Jan Welters at the doctor's office instead of the newstand version; and it looks more like the cover of Vogue circa 1977 than InStyle. I normally wouldn't line the bottom of a birdcage with that rag, but DAMN, that photoshoot. That woman.
Moving on.......It's been a while since I did a good old-fashioned promo post isn't it? neatmonster is starting an new icontest comm and is seeking a mod or two to help run it. (There is already one volunteer but I imagine back-up can't hurt. And for the record, I saw Star Wars (the original of course) in the theater back in 19-mumblety-something, so I am still not used to seeing the name "JJ Abrams" in the same sentence with Star Wars.(Given the nightmare f**kfest that was the "prequels", I think I can learn to deal.)

Speaking of icontests:

* whedon_elite: Icons for Challenge 135, "Red Hair" are due Sunday, January 24th by 3 pm EST. Make sure to scroll down the page and check out
the fabulous entries already submitted by harlequinss_s, teragramm, all_malocks, dixon, emmatheslayer and sweet_lyri. And I do mean "fabulous"; everybody's brought their A-game. At least in this little corner of the world 2016 is off to a roaring start.

* slayerstillness: Challenge 61, "Reach Out and Touch Somebody" open for entries now through Friday Jan 29 midnight at your time zone.

* btvsats20in20: Voting is open for Round 15 NOW through Friday January 22nd. Be sure to cast your votes for THEMES, CATEGORY, and ARTIST'S CHOICE.

Make sure to click ALL the buttons before you're done, and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask the mods. There are about -19-20 votes cast right now which is super but more would be great! I don't think we've ever hit at least 30 votes in a given round but I always think "ok this is the round..." (Back to the Optimist vs Realist conundrum and in my heart I always want the Optimist to win out.)

And because you've made it this far here are some lovely parting gifts: alts and extras from Round 15 plus new alts/ extras from Round 13. I also have a thinky thought or two along the way:


Round 13, "The Pack"

    1 - 3

      4 - 7

Crossovers with the movie "Possession" starring SMG.

Round 15: (Buffy-heavy at first. Of course. This is me, this is my brain on the Buffyverse.)
             8 - 14
            15 - 21

              22 - 28
After I cleaned the cap up I finally saw that the picture on locker behind Buffy is vintage comic book art, possibly a blow-/print of a Roy Lichtenstein piece, with the SDHS "Razorbacks" pennant covering the eyes of a pretty blonde woman in the picture. Meta commentary on the storyline or just an inside joke?  The fact that we see Cordy blindfolded later and no one can "see" Marcy Ross suggests either reading is possible. It seems to coincidental to be a, well, a coincidence.
         29 - 34

          35 - 40

        41 - 45
The flashbacks in the episode look great as screencaps but they're hard to work with; they're overlit as opposed to the rest of the early seasons material, which tends to be underlit.

      46 - 49
Also, I need to take some tutorials on working with skin tones for people of color, especially dark tones and not turn beautiful deep browns into weird shades of orange-red, or flat black. (We've just acquired PS btw, so I'm still fumbling along in ipiccy.)  #49: for the theme "green" I thought, well, I'll just tint the entire icon to go with the chalkboard behind her. Except that it doesn't look very good. Green skin? Usually associated with sickness or aliens? I should have known better. Plus, "black" skin reacts differently to tinting than "white" skin does.*
But it's the second association that bothers me. Our culture has a nearly long history of excluding black characters and actors from science fiction, horror and fantasy in literature, film and tv, except as background filler or literal "space aliens", demons and monsters. People of color as people just did not exist, with count-on-one-hand exceptions.

This may be changing now, I guess - slowly - but this is the reality I grew up with and "it's starting to get better" (by whatever yardstick you want to measure "better") doesn't undo decades of absence. So it just makes me uncomfortable, even if I don't "mean anything by it", I'd rather not go in that direction.**

*    I realize I'm still using phrases like "black" and "white" that were au courant when I was growing up...in the 1970's and '80's.
** Using my personal comfort as the yardstick here is arguably problematic.

A Vague Disclaimer is No One's Friend:
~ Take what  icons you like for personal use but please credit if used :)
~ No hotlinking!
~ Comments however are appreciated :)
~ Icons with blank space can be personalized upon request, they are not "bases". If you wish to personalize because you have PS and more font or fx options
   than I do, by all means ask.
~ All artwork by yours truly except where otherwise indicated.
I confess I wanted to steal that magazine and take it home with me (but of course I didn't.) The photos are even better on the page, imo. She's perfection.
I voted!

Also, kudos to you for spreading the art comm love!

Of course, it goes without saying that your icons are stupendous! I especially love 3, 10, 43, and 48, but they're all amazing!


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I've fallen down on the job lately in terms of promoting comms, so thank you for the support!

And you do me honor, dear. I know your assessments come from an honest place (and a discerning eye).
34 - Bronze

23 - Silver

42 - Gold

*31/32 for me would work better as a gif-type icon.

You have very discerning taste! I appreciate the shoutout to #42. i really enjoyed working with that image. did you happen to see the set I actually entered?

*31/32 for me would work better as a gif-type icon.

Yes! I thought about that as well (I have a version of 32 in the same shade of grey as 31, so it could totally work.) I have NO IDEA how to do such a thing however. (Maybe I should ask <lj user=sandy_s? She's made lovely animated icons. And I know it's not something I can do in ipiccy.)
48 looks ok; but you're right about the green.

Another teacher I need to go back and create back stories for. She' sespecially intriguing, because she seems to see something in Cordy that no-one else does and she's the only person, outwardly, that Cordy treats with humanity; stressing the outwardly.

Thank you for the feedback; it's good to know it's "not just me"!

she seems to see something in Cordy that no-one else does and she's the only person, outwardly, that Cordy treats with humanity; stressing the outwardly.

And we see Cordy respond to that intellectually. In that regard Ms Miller reminds me of Buffy's teacher in Teacher's Pet, or the counselor in Beauty and the Beasts; interesting characters all, with potential for depth, for intelligence and kindness, who would have made terrific reoccurring characters. The show needed - the kids on the show needed - more mature role models and adult figures outside of their tiny inbred circle. ("Inbred" is a joke but you know what I mean.)

Interestingly enough and by contrast, teachers are almost always portrayed negatively during the college years esp S4 (to the extreme of Maggie Walsh.) Joss' father was a college professor so I assume that has something to do with it.
Didn't he say that the kicking out incident happened to him? Not sure if it was him, or a friend.

Might have been interesting to see Giles interacting with other members of the faculty too.

Viola Davis is amazingly gorgeous. Thanks for sharing a link to the cover.

Cool set of icons as well, especially 10, 11, 15, 16, 22, 27, 34, 36, and 41-45.

46 and 47 are my favorites from your last set.
You're very welcome, and thank you for the feedback!

You noticed 10-11! *squees* I'm ridiculously fond of 10. And 15, 16, 22 and of course 46-47. You have a great eye.
Thank you! The color did come out nicely didn't it? If only I could remember what I did? I think it was a gradient overlay.
Viola Davis looks so good! I love when they take smiling pictures of her because she's got an awesome smile!

I imagine that darker skin tones require another palette, or stuff like that, to look good. I hope you find a way, but icon 47 looks really good. (Yeah, I also agree that green isn't a good choice, it reminds me of sickness too)

Anyway I deeply approve icons: 6, 7 (This crossover is really cool in your hands!), 9, 15, 18, 24 (I still kinda see a bit of Jennifer Lawrence in 28, but maybe because "pretty round face on blond girl") 42, 43 and 47, of course.
Viola Davis looks so good! I love when they take smiling pictures of her because she's got an awesome smile!

The photos look even better on the page, I think.

I imagine that darker skin tones require another palette

Probably when I get into Photoshop there'll be tutorials on the subject, I should think. Chasingdemons and comlodge have done tutorials about skin tone but iabout "white" skin.

Thank you so much for your feedback on my icons! I always wonder which ones you will like, and I think of you when I'm trying to work with clear bright colors. (I thought for sure you'd go for 10 - I gave Buffy orange and pink hair. *lol*

I almost entered 46 btw in my set - I wanted to give her the same "glamour lighting" I give to other female characters but I worried that I was making her skin too light or too pink.

(This crossover is really cool in your hands!)

Thank you. I probably shouldn't admit this but I was hoping my Crossover icon would take first place in that round because I think it was pretty darn good.

(I still kinda see a bit of Jennifer Lawrence in 28, but maybe because "pretty round face on blond girl")

Really? *squints*

You're the second person to mention 42 btw! Maybe I should have gone with that one as well. I had such a hard time choosing which version of that image to go with.
These are beautiful!

I can't get enough of young Buffy. What a cutie. Faves: 8, 10, 15, 18, 24.
I can't get enough of young Buffy. What a cutie.

And here I was teetering on the edge of, "do I want to keep doing season 1 for Round 16?" Well gosh, she is incredibly adorable - they all are. I love how Sarah walked that line between "adorable" and "grounded in genuine emotion". She never becomes the "manic pixie dreamgirl" of modern male fantasy. I think that's another thing I love about her and the show - she seems like a fantasy (Xander's, angel's, riley's etc) whatever everyone thinks they want her to be but she ISN'T. That's so important to remember.

Sorry, your remarks got me thinking - that can be dangerous
I didn't even know that bvtsats20in20 voting was open until I read your post, so thank you. Nice icons love the whole set 8-14 and 29-34. Nicely done!
And just when I was wondering if it's worthwhile to do posts like this you answer my doubts, thank you! and thank you for voting!

Nicely done!

*blushes* Thank you again, (to be super-repetitive), I'm thrilled you like them! Early season Buffy and Giles are adorable aren't they?
Oh your Buffy and Cordy icons!! #14 with the sunlight halo is a gorgeous icon of a shot I love.
Thank you! I really love that entire scene - my initial plan was to have the AC set just be that scene in fact, following Buffy from being Marcie's captive to being the victor (because there are soooo many wonderful shots of Buffy/SMG in that sequence).

You'll notice 26 is the same scene a few seconds difference, but the screencaps come from two different websites so the proportions are different in each one.