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A collection of "random" pieces I have loved this year - click images or go to original links to view full size:
(ETA: This was a post that was meant to go on the buffyversetop5 and I hit the send button a couple of minutes too late. *Note to self: learn time management techniques!*)

Gift to me by the amazing spikesredqueen February 2015
1) Birthday Banner for me by spikesredqueen (February)
SRQ knows my love of the Buffyverse ladies. This pairs beautifully with teragramm's WInged Buffy banner, no? And well-done manips never fail to impress me (because I've seen far too many bad ones).

MORE after the cut:


2) I Walk Alone art picspam set and banners by comlodge for seasonal_spuffy Round 18 (May)
comlodge took the "simple" flipbook concept and turned into something incredibly sophisticated;  then she converted merged the images at my request into a single banner for my LJ. I know of few artists (if any?) who can combine luminousity and grunge effects in a single image.

3) Look Both Ways by boiiko - the rightful winner of the seasonal_spuffy Round 18 Banner Poll, and the only banner for the SS banner poll I've seen done in a hand-painted style. (It was actually done on computer, but it sure fooled me.) Almost elegantlly spare, the composition is deceptively "simple" and packed with layers of complicated emotions. More, please.

4) Out of My MInd from the btvs episode poster series by no-literally on tumblr. This is an ongoing project and every one of the posters is a masterpiece of graphic design; but I chose this one to display because of the incredibly clean, simple graphic that, like the other images on this list, is deceptively complex. Look close at the text and you'll see Spike's dream of kissing Buffy, floating above Spike's head - the dream and the dreamer visualized.

5) Wrecked from the btvs episode poster series by maradyeries on tumblr. , Haunting, jaw-droppingly gorgeous work in the style of "modern-day aesthetic" gifspams popular on tumblr right now.

Those are all spectacular pieces. There is a lot of great art here in the Buffyverse, isn't there?

There is indeed! In some ways it's harder to find outside of icontest comms - not that stories are "easy" to find, but there aren't the archives for art that there is for fiction (ff.net, elysian fields, bloodroses, etc etc.) But I guess we (artists) have to create such spaces.
Wow, amazing! Your birthday banner and boiiko's art are my ultimate faves. MOAR of that, please.

These are really awesome.

I'm especially digging the "Wrecked" poster.