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New-ish Default Icon

Did I happen to mention that  valyssia  made the default icon I've been using for the last couple of weeks, and that she was most gracious when I asked her permission for it?  I am remiss. This was just so gorgeous I HAD to have it - late-seasons Buffy in blues and purples (my favorite colors) in delicate layers and watercolor tints?  What is not to love? Thanks, hon.
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Can I marry late-season Buffy? >w<
The icon is really beautiful.
For a second I mis-read that as "can I marry your icon?" in which case I was about to shout "NO! It's mine, all mine!" Which isn't true anyway, and that's not what you asked in any case. :-) Anyhoo...

Yes, it is gorgeous, isn't it? (valyssia's banner at her LJ with Buffy/Willow is also lovely and delicate.) I decided to drop the Moulin-Rouge icon I'd been using; I made it ages ago and I really liked how it came out, but it didn't feel like it fit anymore. (I made a ton of them when I was on a Nicole Kidman fan-forum, but don't have only made 4 or so Buffy ones. I just don't have the inspiration or energy to do so.)

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Oh that makes two of us! (I'm trying to put together an ebay auction for one of my sweetie's paintings and stay awake at the same time - at 3 o frickin' clock in the afternoon. Fun is not being had by all.)

Who is in your icon btw? I keep meaning to ask but I'm pretty sure I'm not familiar with the image or the characters.

I haven't watched more than a couple of the eps of Doctor who since it was brought back (I think a couple of the David Tennant ones) but I read a wiki on the Rory Williams character and was interested to see that they had two companions with complex interrelations who actually married and had a baby? I remember the old DW eps I watched in college and the companions had no lives of their own, they functioned pretty much as audience stand-ins to ask "what does that mean, Doctor?" (Except the last season with Sylvester McCoy, they had several eps that involved Ace's history, which seemed astonishing at the time we watched it in college. Gosh I loved the seventh doctor and Ace.)

Do you have a favorite Doctor? I really have not kept up at all, as I mentioned, except knowing that Matt Smith is the new Doctor.
My favorite doctor is 10. He was played by David Tennant.

As a disclaimer, I've only watched the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors so my answer is based from that perspective.
Oh and who made your new one? WOW. If this is your evil plot to turn me into a W/A shipper it's working. I'll take angsty rain over magical snow any day. (Oh damn you season 3 and your inconvenient contractual requirements.)